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Why Carefinder?

My father aged 90 and blind, was ill just before Christmas and I needed someone to help him with his personal care.

I had to phone more than a dozen care agencies before I could find anyone who could help. Even then the hours available were not ideal.

So I sat down with Berni and Neil and devised this website. We hope that, as care providers join the website, it will make your search for care much easier.


Care providers specialise in:
  1. Personal Care - eg washing/dressing/meal preparation.
  2. Nursing Care - a qualified nurse for complex medication needs.
  3. Live-in Care - 24hour support at home.
  4. Home Help - shopping/cleaning/gardening.
  5. Companionship - befriending service.
  6. Residential - with combinations of dementia and nursing care.
To search for care:
  1. Enter the first part of the postcode where care is needed. e.g KT21
  2. Click on the button for the type of care needed.
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Care in your home
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